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The Paediatric Surgery Trainees Research Network invites you to participate in the ORCHESTRA study.

ORCHESTRA stands for ORCHidopexy: does Earlier Surgery affect TesticulaR Atrophy. It is the 2014 project that will be led and co-ordinated by the PSTRN.

The project has the support of both the British Association of Paediatric Urology (BAPU) and the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons (BAPS). This will be a prospective multicentre audit much like the successful national appendicectomy audit and will look at current practice of orchidopexy and in particular timing of referral and surgery of boys with undescended testes. We plan to investigate whether age at orchidopexy is related to atrophy rate. This will be important data following the recent BAPU guidance to perform orchidopexy as young as 3 months of age and may pave the way for a further study such as a RCT.

Initial data collection will take place during the summer of 2014 with final follow-up in autumn of 2015. This is an ambitious project particularly as the duration of follow-up is up to 1 year following orchidopexy. For the study to be a success several collaborators at each centre are likely to be necessary to ensure that there is adequate coverage for the duration of the recruitment and follow-up stages.

We have received a small amount of charitable funding for the study which we have used to build an online data collection system. This will allow easy submission of patient anonymised data and is a real improvement to the appendicectomy audit. Further details of ORCHESTRA are available via links on the PSTRN website: www.pstrn.org.uk

ORCHESTRA will shortly be open for registration. We need both paediatric surgery trainees and general surgery trainees to get involved as collaborators for this study. Please visit the website today, download the abstract, full protocol and letter of invitation to discuss with  your consultant. The more trainees involved the better with this one as we need to make sure we have coverage at each centre for the whole duration of the study.

If you have questions about the study please visit our website. Registration details will be posted soon!