New project to join: SNAP-2

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The 2nd Sprint National Anaesthesia Project: Epidemiology of Critical Care provision after Surgery (SNAP-2: EpiCCS) is recruiting patients in March 2017. The SNAPs are short sharp point prevalence studies of perioperative practice in the UK. SNAP-1 was a study into postoperative patient reported outcome measures and was recently published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia, with all 1700+ collaborators listed on PubMed.

SNAP-2 will involve collecting risk stratification variables as patients come in for inpatient surgery and Critical Care bed capacity on the day of operation to look at how patients get referred for postoperative ICU/HDU care. The study will allow us to understand whether the UK has enough Critical Care beds for inpatient surgery.

All local researchers will be listed on PubMed as collaborators. We plan to also release Day 7 Postoperative Morbidity Survey outcome data to collaborators to form the first cycle of a local Audit or Quality Improvement project.

Read the one-page overview. Find more information on the NIAA-HSRC website. Follow @SNAP2EPICCS on Twitter.