National Appendicectomy Audit 2012

This was the first project from the National Surgical Research Collaborative. The topic chosen was simple, being accessible to trainees of all levels and taking place in every acute surgical unit – appendicectomy.

The network collected data on over 3000 patients from 89 centres in the UK, and 6 from overseas. The data was high quality, with wide generalisability due to the multicentre nature. It has led to several publications, which have derived Pubmed citable authorship for collaborators.

These multicentre cohort studies serve two functions: (1) to build networks which can feed into future projects and (2) to generate hypotheses for future studies.

This has led to annual projects within the National Research Collaborative, and other national studies through sub-specialty collaboratives. These are quality controlled through a competitive selection process, with each collaborative and member then deciding whether to participate.

The aims for the next three years are to develop publishable cohort studies across multiple specialties, and to develop these cohort studies into tangible hypotheses to power randomised controlled trials.


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