HART (Hughes Abdominal Repair Trial)

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 Hughes Abdominal Repair Trial

The Hughes Abdominal Repair Trial (HART) recruits colorectal cancer patients undergoing abdominal surgery requiring a midline incision of at least 5cm. This surgical study aims to compare the rates of incisional hernia one year following one of two closure methods. The two closure methods are standard mass and the Hughes repair. It is thought that the Hughes repair may be able to prevent hernias.HART study




HART flow chart

The HART trial has successfully completed its feasibility and is progressing with the pilot study. We are now closed for recruiting new sites

The authorship model is that of the national collaborative approach.

For more information please contact research@welshbarbers.org

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HART Expression of Interest Form v1 0 27Mar2015

HART Protocol Synopsis, v3.0, 19Mar2015.FINAL