Audit of Best Medical Therapy for Arterial Referrals to Vascular clinic (ABTARV)

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The study has been piloted in Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, and Northampton General Hospital. All individuals contributing data will be citable authors on any future paper(s), and we aim to present the results at the Vascular Society Meeting 2016.


There is strong evidence that patients with coronary atherosclerotic disease are at a high cardiovascular risk, and therefore require optimisation from a cardiac perspective including a minimum of an antiplatelet agent and a statin, treatment of hypertension, and diabetic control. Patients with peripheral arterial disease or abdominal aortic aneurysms are known to be at high risk of cardiovascular events and also require best medical therapy.


The aim of this audit is to determine the proportion of patients referred to vascular clinics with arterial disease who are on best medical therapy, through a multicentre audit of referrals over a 3 month period.


This audit aims to be conducted across several hospitals as a retrospective audit over a 3 month period from January 1st 2015 to March 31st 2015. The audit will involve review of the referral letter, clinic letter, and any resultant imaging and blood results for each patient referred with a possible arterial problem. Data collected will include reason for referral, past medical history (including recent test for diabetes, MI, stroke, hypertension, cholesterol), smoking history, and current medications.

Submit data to Please ensure prior to submitting, to secure caldicott guardian approval and use only email addresses to transmit data ( email address is not sufficient) Submission deadline: 15th June 2016