National Research Collaborative Meeting 2013


The 2013 meeting was held on Friday 6th December at The Royal College of Surgeons of England, London, UK. All the details about the speakers, collaboratives as well as the presentation and poster abstracts are in the PDF programme which you can download, along with their presentations.

Videos from the Conference

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Best of #nrcm2013

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Feedback from the Delegates

I just wanted to really commend the entire day, was a real joy to be a part of and one of the best conferences i’ve ever been to. The morning sessions, the breakaway sessions, the debate and the key note speeches were all outstanding. The food was delicious and the organisation was second to none. I’m not just saying all this for the sake of it, was genuinely a brilliant all round day that gave me some incredible and exciting ideas that has rejuvenated my passion for research. Massive congratulations on a most fantastic day.

I was really inspired to see what the trainees are doing for themselves, and wish you all the best in your endeavours. I’m hoping some of you come by and take up our offer of collaboration, as I’d love IDEAL to be part of the revolution!

The pleasure was mine: 4 very instructive sessions; good pointers for next year excellent excuse for weekend in London. Very well done!

Thanks for organising this, it was a good programme. I was a virtual delegate, but found it impossible to either read the slides or hear the audio both were really poor quality. I asked a few friends / colleagues (on the same & different networks) to try it out, and all reported the same thing (at first I assumed it was just something specific to my PC). So sadlly I didn’t get to enjoy it. Which was a real shame as the concept was so brilliant!

It was a pleasure and I am pleased it went so well.

Thank you very much for a fun and informative meeting.

It was a pleasure. A really useful experience for me. The future of research in surgery seems bright. I hope to collaborate across specialties much more in the future.

Just to congratulate you on the organizational part of the meeting which was exquisite. It was a pleasure to be there and I think John macfie’s contribution was the most outstanding by far. Hope to see each other in the future.

Great meeting and very well organised. Really enjoyed the pan-specialty session – looking forward to the ASIT meeting and NRCM 2014.

May I congratulate you on a fantastic effort. As we discussed, like the Olympics, this should get better every year, and it certainly did in 2013! Well organised and interesting, all the feedback I heard about you guys was positive.

I enjoyed it.

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Excellent day that was very well run.

Very well organised. Great and unique idea. Especially liked the online and social media components. Will attend again.

Very good effort from all on the committee.

Next year it would be great to have a session on potential sources of funding for collaborative work. As you know I think it was an excellent day, you guys did an amazing job!

Indeed it was one of the best meetings I had been to recently and I thoroughly enjoyed the talks especially the centralization of services. The organization was excellent, well done. Look forward to see you in Cardiff.

The environment that day was definitively one of collaboration. Finding like minded people and sharing ideas meant that we have formed relationship and as consequence there will atleast two new collaborative in Cardiff 2014. Thank you once again for organising it. Most important it was fun day.

Great day.